Annabelle Manalo, PhD


MACE Media Group Presents the MACE v.365 Webinar Series

11.30AM - 12.00PM

Thursday June 24th

Filling the Scientific Gaps in Order to Create a Final Stand for Cannabis

The fight to legalize medical marijuana has been a long and continuous struggle. The number of supporters has grown
mainly due to anecdotal stories and a rising number of advocates. And even with this growth, gaps in the research and
credentials supporting formulary claims keep the plant from obtaining its place in medicine. Dr. Annabelle has traveled
worldwide educating on the known benefits of cannabis and is now initiating clinical trials on a variety of indications.
In this talk, Dr. Annabelle will educate on the current scientific state of cannabis research and the stepwise process
that needs to be taken to not only legalize the plant, but to create a cannabinoid medicinal model in modern
medicine today.