Dr. Wiliam Vizuete


MACE Media Group Presents the MACE v.365 Webinar Series

9:30AM to 10:00AM

Thursday June 24th

Dr. Wiliam Vizuete, CSO, and Marc Byers, President Byers Scientific

Byers Scientific is made up of three divisions under one roof – Byers Mitigation Technologies, Byers Emissions
Analysis and Byers Intelligent Systems. The research division, Byers Emissions Analysis (BEA), identifies, measures,
models and assesses cannabis plant emissions serving operators, regulators and communities. Through his work with
BEA, William Vizuete, PhD. seeks to answer the common questions surrounding cannabis plant emissions, including
BVOCs and other odor-causing compounds, at commercial cultivation sites, their impact on air quality and/or
community odor issues as well as terpene drift and potential of impacting neighboring agriculture. BEA provides
critical site-specific emission factor data to empower informed decisions and offer solutions to odor and emission
challenges with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Through commercial cannabis facility assessments,
Byers is continuously expanding its database of strain-specific emissions profiles. Based on the number of strains, plant count, life stage, and estimated plant weight, BEA quantifies a facility’s gas-phase emission rate. Byers
Mitigation Technologies plugs this data into their Cannabis Emissions Profiler™ (CEP) to engineer and install
the proper number of mitigation units based on the exact number of air exchanges required to effectively sequester
the odor molecules before they have a chance to be released to ambient air and potentially be a nuisance to nearby
communities. This process helps to eliminate a perpetual reliance on HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
systems in hybrid-greenhouses, warehouses, and indoor cultivation spaces that are not engineered or optimized
for cannabis odor control. All Byers equipment is equipped with automation capability through its proprietary
cloud-based SCADA system for remote control, management and monitoring.