Reggie Gaudino

10:00AM to 10:30AM

Thursday June 24th

To Be Announced

Currently, much of today’s cannabis genetic development relies more on aesthetic qualities than agronomic qualities, with the exception of the all-important THC or CBD number, to find a winner that provides the necessary consumer benefits (bag appeal, experience, etc.) and is hopefully easy enough for the cultivator to grow. This approach doesn’t allow rapid development of purpose-bred varieties and doesn’t use tools that are commonly employed in other types of cultivation- or agronomic-based sciences. Tools like molecular biology, bioinformatics, chemometrics and meta-analytics are invaluable in identifying promising breeding stock to create a more efficient and science-based approach to new genetic development. Front Range Biosciences uses these techniques, along with over 1000 germplasm accessions sourced globally, to develop new cannabis genetics in THC cannabis and hemp. This webinar from Reggie Gaudino, Ph.D. will dive into Front Range Bioscience’s approach to new genetic development and how these tools are used to create unique, new varieties that deliver on consumer and agronomic benefits.